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What Marriage Means to Us



At Julian Dean Photography, a marriage is more than a luxurious chapel or a fancy reception. It is more than an expensive diamond ring. It is more than caterers, cakes or how many people attend the ceremony.


At Julian Dean we believe that the sacred union of two souls is the principal dynamic of marriage regardless of the financial costs or preparations involved.


We believe that the deeper meaning of marriage is one that should be embraced with praise. It should be made memorable as a witness to the power of matrimony itself. It should be captured!


Marriage, to us, is about the unconditional love of two halves and through the professional dedication of our lenses, we hope to preserve the true essence of marriage for generations to come.


By this preservation, we work to restore the authority of marriage in the eyes of a generation that is steadily losing focus upon the most important fundamentals of the sanctity of marriage


At Julian Dean Photography, we trust that marriage will never be a thing of the past. That is why we strive to embrace the memory of marriage by capturing its true significance for you, us and the future of our children’s children.


In every one of our designed packages will include a second shooter,  12x12 Premium Album Epoca (some restrictions apply), and engagement session.


To schedule your consultation and inquire about more details contact us at or 905-407-3326 and ask for Dean or simply navigate to our contact me page and fill in your request.